ダニエラ・ハンチュコバ選手が引退を発表されました (テニス)




 Hi everyone🤗😘!
I want to tell you with all my appreciation and happiness inside of me,that the time has come to retire from professional tennis.This does not mean that I’m saying good bye to tennis at all!i have learned that it is impossible in life to say good bye to the people and things we love with all our heart and for me tennis is one of them..it has been part of my soul and DNA every since i have picked up my first tennis racket and have hit the first tennis ball against the wall..that feeling will stay in me forever..
Im so so thankfull to all the incredible things that has happened to me on and off the court and i would not b the person I’m today thanks to all of that..the good and the bad..the ups and the downs..its been all part of an incredible journey that does not finish here…because it is a journey of a lifetime of all of us together,just from now on without a tennis bag on my shoulders:) and i hope we have many more new chapters infront of us to share together..
Being part of the wta,itf,the Slovak fed cup and Olympic team has been the biggest blessing and privilege and words are not enough to explain all the thankfulness towards everybody that takes care of us in the tournaments,felow players,our stuff and teams around the players and most imporantalny you guys…Being able to share this journey with all of you meant the world to me and we r not finished here..
When we close one chapter of our life the next one openes up and I’m so excited about being able to share it all together with u!🤗
Lets see what life will arrange for all of us!🤗😘💜
With all my respect and love 💜🌹
Yours Daniela

具体的な予定とかは書かれてないですね。WTAやITF、スロバキアのフェドカップやオリンピックチームに参加できて幸せだった。大会や選手サポートをするチームやスタッフの皆さんへの感謝。私の人生の旅はここで終わらない。これからは肩にラケットバッグはないけれど :)。 これらが楽しみです。といった内容ですね。